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 Is your Minecraft Crashing/Freezing? - Minecraft Repair Guide

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PostSubject: Is your Minecraft Crashing/Freezing? - Minecraft Repair Guide   Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:05 pm

This is from my old personal site, Anyway this should help if your experiencing problems with Minecraft Smile
sorry i didn't put the pics in, i will later :L (i'm so lazyy! :L)

Minecraft Crashing: Repair Guide

Welcome to the MineCrash (see what i did there) Repair Guide!

This is a guide to help get Minecraft Running and Not Crashing in no time! Lets get started!

This guide is for windows only. Please dont try it on other operating systems. Thank you, that is all Smile
Repair Method 1

Ok, one of the main problems people experience is Minecraft itself isn't legit! This may mean its corrupt, some of the files weren't installed properly ect. So firstly, open up Run by searching "run" in either the start bar or Windows search. Then type "%appdata%" into Runs search box and you should end up with something like this:

Hit ok and go into the ".minecraft" folder. Right-click the "Bin" folder and hit Delete! Be careful to not delete any of the other folders. Close the window and open Minecraft.exe (which will still be wherever you left it). It should say "downloading packages" or something similar in the Minecraft Window. Minecraft is re-downloading what you just deleted, so it should download the whole bin folder back, restoring any files that were missing or corrupt. After its fully downloaded the packages, click Singleplayer/Multiplayer and see if it runs! Good Luck!

Repair Method 2

Another common problem is that Minecraft wont give itself enough memory to run. Memory issues are different for all computers, but these simple steps will pretty much tell Minecraft that it is allowed to use more memory, thereby stopping crashing and improving performance.
Firstly, open up notepad and copy the following exactly:
@echo off
cd %AppData%\.minecraft
start javaw -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -Djava.library.path=".\bin\natives"
-classpath "bin\minecraft.jar;bin\jinput.jar;bin
\lwjgl.jar;bin\lwjgl_util.jar" net.minecraft.client.Minecraft
You should end up with something similair to this:

Save the document as anything.bat
I cannot stress this enough that the .bat at the end of the file name is extremely important!
Make it like this:

Hopefully it ran. If not, Don't worry, There's still plenty of ways you can get your Minecraft working!

Repair Method 3

Another Reason why Minecraft may not be working, is that it might not be Compatible. This is an extremely easy fix, and should take >2 mins. Just open up the folder where Minecraft.exe (it may just be called "Minecarft" is located. Right click Minecraft and click the compatibility tab. Click the box next to the "Run this program Compatibility mode for:" then find the "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" or something similar, so its like this:

Again, read on if it still isn't working!

Repair Method 4
Another very simple problemm is that your Java is outdated! Just head over to and download the latest version! Hopefully this solves your Minecraft problem!

Sorry if it didn't work! I'll try to update it whenever i find a new fix! Very Happy


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Is your Minecraft Crashing/Freezing? - Minecraft Repair Guide
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